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Don’t Fear Change

There are no certainties in your career path. For a few, a career will have a steady, consistent, upward trajectory. For most, it will be a mixture of success, setbacks, a few mistakes, and unexpected events.

This is true whether you stay at your job or move to a different company.

It’s up to you to manage those risks.

The risks of long job tenure

Some professionals stay a long time at one company, even though they dislike their job. They’re neither happy, challenged, nor fulfilled, but they balk at taking the steps required for change.

Don’t stay at your current employer just because you fear change. Whether you like it or not, change will happen. Be proactive and guide your career. If you depend solely on your employer, they will undoubtedly make changes sooner or later, and often, not to your benefit.

What if your “stable” employment ends tomorrow? Are you ready to find a new position?

While a long tenure can be viewed as “loyalty,” some prospective employers will view a long tenure at one company as a negative. They may see it as inflexibility or your reluctance/inability to grow.

Adopt a healthy new-job attitude

With a new company, you can expect some new-job anxiety and a few weeks of settling into your new role and responsibilities.

But what if it doesn’t work out as expected?

Relax. The goal in this situation is to make sure you get something positive out of it. Even if the job doesn’t work out, you’ll likely learn new skills and interact with a new set of professionals.

What must you do?

Be prepared for unexpected shifts in your company and position. Always be networking, attending conferences, and updating your resume. Be visible on professional networks.

Prior generations depended on their employers for job security. That’s a mistake today: Your job security lies in your skills and ability to quickly adapt to change if something goes wrong.

Remember, your employer is not an entity you defer to. It’s the current company utilizing your unique skills.

Never let fear prevent you from doing what is best for you and your career.