Finding the Talent You Need at the Pace You Demand


‘You rock! Forever indebted to you!’

‘Tim helped me a tremendous amount during my job search. He understands the education job market and is a master at matching talent with openings.’

“Thank you for reaching out when you did about this position. I love my job, the organization, the people I work with, etc. I feel like I found a work home. And I owe that all to you!”

‘It’s been an outstanding company to work for during this time and I’m very glad that you negotiated this job for me. Thanks for keeping in touch. I recommend you to everyone I know who is or might be job-searching.’

“I really want to thank you for all your help. You are great at what you do. I see why everyone I know in the industry recommends you: that is the highest compliment.”

‘These are some awesome resources! I appreciate you forwarding these my way. I have some colleagues on the job market right now, and I think these links would be very helpful in their search process.’

‘Thank you so much for your guidance and support from the beginning along the way till now! You’re an awesome coach.’

‘I believe you found us a great Test Development Specialist, Tim!’

‘I LOVE these people and this position. It’s a perfect match – I just got a great review for my 6-month probational. Thank you again for making the connection and helping this to happen. I’m hoping for many happy years here!’ 

“It is going great. I love it here. Best job I’ve ever had. Thank you!!!!!!!!”

“You’re always my first point of contact for Assessment & Research positions!”

“I’m doing great! It has been a great year! I love my job and my coworkers. Thanks so much again for keeping me in mind all those years for this job.”

‘Thank you again for all your work on my behalf. I will strongly recommend you to my colleagues when/if they are seeking employment.’

‘Tim is an all-around great guy. I honestly thank God for putting Tim in my life, as my professional success thus far has been greatly influenced by Tim’s suggestions and knowledge of the field. Finding the employer that is a ‘good fit’ is not an easy endeavor, but Tim will certainly support you throughout the process.’

‘It was good working with you and I feel we have a first-rate psychometrician as a result. Thanks again!

‘Wow, I can’t believe it has been a year already. It is going well so far. Gotta love working remote. Thanks for sending that job my way.’

“Thank you so much! This is the best job I’ve ever had, and I’m never leaving.”

‘Everything is much much better than expected. I love this place. It’s a great fit for me, and I’m hoping they feel the same. Again, thanks for everything!’

‘It is going fantastic! I couldn’t be happier. The people are so great to work with and I have never felt so appreciated at work before. The job is a perfect fit for me!’

‘I am the happiest I have ever been in a professional role. Thanks so much for helping to get noticed and to get hired. I have wonderful bosses, good challenges at work, and great coworkers.’

‘I enjoy your newsletter that you send out via email. I’ve been a subscriber for years.’

‘I love it!  They are really the nicest people I have ever worked for.  I am pinching myself to make sure this isn’t a dream.  Thank you for all your help!’

‘Thanks so much for everything you did to get me here — I couldn’t have done it without your help and support.’

‘You have been fantastic throughout this whole process. I plan on sending you a formal thank you email but just know for now that I really appreciate all of your advice and support. I will certainly recommend you to friends in assessment.’

‘Thanks so much, Tim! It has been a great move, and I could not love working here more.’

‘Wow, Tim, these are the best tips I’ve seen! Very clear and address even some of those “elephants in the room”!’

‘I have read and loved your emails for years. Always useful and informative, they have given me many good tips over the years for keeping myself marketable.’

‘Thanks again for helping me through the transition of finding and starting a new job. It has been a pleasure to work with you. ‘

‘Thanks so much for checking in, Tim! I love it here, it is a great fit!  Thanks for the help with the position!’

‘It is going extremely well. I absolutely made the right decision. Thanks again for all your help in the process. I deeply appreciate it.’

‘Thanks so much for all the fantastic candidates you are sending our way! We have been searching for this position for quite a while and are optimistic about finding someone this round.’

‘Hi, Tim! I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help in finding her. She’s so fabulous, such a great match for our organization! Thanks for getting us a great one!’

‘She is doing a fabulous job for us. We appreciate your help finding her.’

‘Thank you for helping me land in this job. I think I’m a great fit for it!’

‘I definitely appreciate all of your help and support throughout this process. You have done a great job helping me to navigate things at each point throughout the process.’

‘Still loving it here. Perfect placement for me!’

‘It is an amazing fit! I love the work that I am doing!’

‘Honestly, Tim, we like all four of the finalists who have come from you. You have done a great job for us.’

‘Thanks for checking!  Everything is great here. I was just appointed as a staff manager, extending my skill sets to management. Happy for that!’

‘Things couldn’t be better. I am still with and hope to remain for the foreseeable future. This is not only a great company to work for but a wonderful working environment. Thanks for all that you did to place me here.’

‘Livin’ the dream…Still telecommuting and working remotely…I love it’!

‘Thanks for keeping in touch. You have been great! I am happy to report that everything is going great..’.

‘Great to hear from you! A perusal of the attached yet again demonstrates your amazing ability to source a treasure trove of great opportunities.’

‘I consider you to be one of the top recruiters if not the top recruiter in the industry.’

‘They are great adds to our team, they’ve settled in nicely and already making an impact!’

‘The longer I am here, the more I realize what a wise decision to switch…. I really appreciate you talking to me about changes I should make on the phone months ago. It is such an improvement in my career and my life. Thanks for checking with me and thanks for helping me make wise decisions.’

‘Thank you so much for connecting (company) and me. I am so much happier in this position than I was in my last position.’

“I’m doing well. Psychometric work and operational assignment are exposing me to real world of testing; this is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate your help.”