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Consider Giving the Unemployed Candidate a Second Look

Almost all professionals, at some point in their careers quit their job, get fired, or are laid off without having their next position in place.

Here are a few reasons to give an unemployed candidate a second look:

  1. Your number one choice, who is employed, may not want the job! It can be a challenge to hire someone away from stable employment.
  2. The unemployed candidate is often available to start immediately.
  3. When they were employed, they might not have considered your company, but now they’re more flexible and receptive.
  4. You don’t have to worry about counter offers.
  5. They will often be more open to relocating.
  6. They are often more flexible in salary negotiations.
  7. They might accept a contract or contract-to-hire arrangement so you can have time to see how everything works out.

Professionals tend to stay with one employer for about four to five years, so if you do cross paths with an unemployed candidate who’s had a hiccup in their career, they’ll likely stay with their next job for a while.