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Fan The Spark Of Interest

The applications stacked on your desk may look about the same, but the people they represent are very different.

Their motivation levels vary greatly.

Unemployed candidates may be willing to jump through any hoop put before them, complete assessments, and patiently sit through any interviewing process. But, candidates who are relatively happy with their jobs may not be so willing. Something sparked their initial interest in the new opportunity but that spark could be in danger of being snuffed out if the interviewing process is handled poorly.

The cavalier, but common, question, Why-do-you-want-to-work-here? might throw enough water on the process to extinguish those small sparks of interest. Do the opposite: Fan the spark so the candidate’s interest will grow.

Discover what is motivating each candidate. With that information, you’re in a position to nurture their interest and highlight aspects of the opportunity that may motivate your candidates to want to join your team.

Fanning the spark is what recruiting top talent is all about.