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Getting Acceptance

When you’re recruiting and have found your ideal candidate, remember, extending an offer isn’t the goal. Getting acceptance is the goal.

Rushing an offer out the door, hoping for acceptance, isn’t a winning strategy. It’s understandable though. Sometimes hard-to-fill positions stay open for months. Once a top candidate is identified, you don’t want to lose them.

Candidates may say they’re interested in the job, but are they? After having more time to think about it? Find out. It takes very little time. Here are some questions to ask before extending an offer.

Job: Do they understand the job? Can they do the job? Does the job interest them? How does it compare to their current position – favorably, we hope – and others they may be considering?

People: Make sure that the candidate knows who they’ll be working with, who they’ll report to, and that there’s good chemistry.

Company: Is the company and the culture a good fit for the candidate? Does it harmonize with the candidate’s background and experience?

Location: This is a big one! If relocation is required, is the candidate ready to move? Is their family also ready to move? Have they thought it through?

Motivation: Be sure the candidate has a clear reason for making a change. What is attractive about the position you’re offering? Does it fit into their future career goals? Do they have other offers?

Be attentive to the answers and the discussions you have around these topics. Consider what is said – or not said – and any issues that might be avoided.

If any red flags go up, be sure to resolve them before the offer is extended.