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Hiring Tip – Don’t Hide The Bonus Plan

In today’s climate where it’s difficult to attract and land top talent, you need to pull out all the stops when it comes to promoting your company. Showcasing location, benefits, and company culture are common.

Less common, however, is sharing bonus potential. And, to the most confident and ambitious professionals, bonus potential can make a huge difference.

Some HR professionals and hiring managers are reluctant to discuss bonuses because they are not guaranteed – but keep in mind, employment itself is not guaranteed. Choosing to only discuss base salary may not be enough to win over the candidates at the top of your list.

This is especially true if your top candidates are looking for a base salary number higher than you’re able to offer. Base salary plus bonus potential may exceed compensation expectations.

Be open and honest about bonuses:

  • Share what others in similar positions have historically earned as bonuses,
  • Highlight what the company’s stronger performing employees have earned, and
  • Discuss the bonus potential for joining the league of strong performers.

You want to feature all of your company’s strong points when recruiting: Don’t hide the bonus plan.