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Inevitable Turndowns

When recruiting highly sought-after candidates, you’re going to “lose a few.” Assuming there’s a strong recruiting process in place, and the company is solid, you should have many more wins than losses. However, the losses still sometimes occur.

You have probably experienced a few losses that were real heart breakers. It can be a frustrating experience, wondering what went wrong, and why someone turned down the offer.

Sometimes you never learn the true reasons behind a person’s refusal. People will always do what they believe is in their best interests. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, accepting your job isn’t always in a candidate’s best interests.

A professional’s career path crosses virtually every area of his or her life – financial, family, personal, and professional – and there are some things about themselves that people won’t share. When you find yourself at a loss for answers, assess the hiring process.

  • Was anything obviously wrong with the offer or the position?
  • Would this have been a positive move for the candidate?
  • Did it take too long or was contact lost along the way?

You can probably think of other salient questions you need to consider. Once you’ve touched bases with all the areas that you have control over, make corrections as required, but then let it go and move on.

There are always positions to be filled and more great candidates that will be considered. Continue putting your company’s best foot forward and take pride in how the folks you’ve brought on board have helped propel the success of your company.