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Keep Candidates Engaged

It’s easier to maintain the interest of your candidates than it is to re-energize them about working for your company.

The timing of recruiting and hiring efforts is unpredictable. Strong candidates surface at random times. While the first candidate you talk with may be your strongest, you may still want to talk to a few more people, and of course, there are many other issues that delay a hiring decision.

Nurture and maintain the interest level of your top candidates while you work through the process. Keep in touch.. Let them feel forward momentum:

  • Have them submit references.
  • Set up additional phone conversations with team members.
  • Send them company benefits to review.
  • Tell them if there have been changes on your side.
  • Set expectations as to the timing of a decision.
  • Reach out by email occasionally.
  • Instruct them to let you know if a competing offer is imminent.

When professionals interview with a company and then the company goes dark on them for a few weeks, they write off the opportunity. With just a little effort, you can maintain their interest until you’re ready to move forward.