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References Create Competition

When references are requested from your top candidate, it can set off a chain of events.

  • Candidates know that your interest is serious. If they are interviewing with other companies – which they probably are – they will likely let those companies know that they’re on the homestretch with you. That information often raises the perceived value of your candidate. Additional offers may be extended.
  • When the candidate tells their references to expect a call from you, it may spark new additional interest from them too. Knowing that their colleague is available and scouting out new options, the reference may try to find an opportunity for them at their own company.
  • It’s not long before word of your candidate’s interest in changing jobs hits the street and then it’s anyone’s guess how many other companies will show interest.

The job market is extremely competitive. Request and check references when your candidate’s interest is peaking and be fully prepared to move quickly with your offer.