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3 Critical Questions to Ask Before Making a Lateral Move

Not every job change comes with a hefty salary increase; your job offer might come in at nearly the same money. But as you’ll discover when you ask yourself these three questions: It’s not always about the money.

  • Is the move good for your career? Judge the opportunities for advancement at the new company. Will you be exposed to new industries and markets and grow professionally by working with your new coworkers and clients? Overall, money aside, is it a better career opportunity?
  • Would you be coming into a better working environment? Consider your new team, but also consider the flexibility of your new management. You might be able work remotely at least part of the time.
  • Would your lifestyle or work-life balance improve? Could you afford to live closer to work and shorten your commute? If the new job requires a move, does the area offer lifestyle, home ownership, or recreational opportunities you’ve always wanted but don’t enjoy?

Don’t get immediately turned off if your job offer doesn’t come in at your hoped-for salary level. The new job may offer other “plusses” that will further your career and your happiness.