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4 Tips For Choosing Your References

If it’s important to choose your friends wisely, it’s even more important that you choose your references wisely!

Here are four crucial tips for selecting your references:

  1. Try to include professionals who have supervised you. Companies want to connect with the people you worked for. Senior level colleagues and clients will also score points for you.
  2. Choose talkers. You want references who your prospective employer can engage. Friends who are short on words and don’t elaborate about your attributes won’t serve you well.
  3. Provide all contact information for your references. Include email addresses, home phone, office phone, and cell phone. Make it easy for the reference checker.
  4. Choose people who are responsive. Tactfully let them know that their prompt response to reference checkers would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Be aware that most companies won’t extend or confirm an offer to you until reference checks are completed.