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5 Reasons Not to Tell Your Company That You’re Looking

Should you notify your employer that you’re looking for a new job? With very few exceptions, no. Here are five reasons not to:

  1. When your employer knows that you’re looking for a better opportunity, relationships can change immediately. No new assignments will come your way. Coworkers may distance themselves.
  2. Your employer may decide to end the relationship before you do. If you announce that you’re looking, have a box ready to pack your personal belongings in. It may be your last day.
  3. Even if your boss politely thanks you for the “heads up,” they will start looking for someone else to do your job.
  4. While you may have leverage today, there’s no guarantee you’ll find anything better…nor even as good. If you announce your intention to leave and fail to find new work, you may find yourself in a precarious situation.
  5. Although you’re trying to maintain control of your future, by cluing in the company, there’s a good chance you’re putting your future – and source of income – in their hands.
Just as you wouldn’t tell your partner in a personal relationship that you’re looking for something better, don’t tell your employer.