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5 Tips To Deal With An Unexpected Layoff

‘I didn’t expect this!’

Often, professionals who lose their job have a tough time finding work. They have strong experience, knowledge, and skills, but are shocked when employers aren’t knocking at their door or responding to their resumes.

There is a fundamental truth in the job market: It’s easier to find a new job when you’re currently employed. Why? Potential employers assume that your current employer has vetted you and that you’re performing well.

To deal with the unexpected job loss, here are five tips:

  • Actively network. Get yourself recognized and respected among professionals and leaders in your industry.
  • Keep your resume current. You’ll want to start circulating it as soon as you sense there might be changes at your company, ideally, before you get your notice.
  • Consider jobs that aren’t the perfect fit or may even be a slight step down. Weathering a few unpleasant days in your career is better than being out of work for an extended period and watching the bills pile up.
  • Think about relocating. Some areas of the country outperform others in job opportunities. The more flexible you are, the more options you will have.
  • Explore contracting. Employers are increasingly outsourcing projects. Contracting might be the first step on a path that leads to forming your own consulting company.

Unexpected layoffs can’t be avoided, but always be prepared. Have a plan in place to work through it, and you’ll secure your next job quickly and efficiently.