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6 Avoidable Hurdles

Too many professionals create unnecessary challenges by making bad career decisions.

Had they seen the bigger picture, many would have avoided walking down the wrong path. Take a look at this list of 6 avoidable hurdles so you can steer clear of them and make the right decisions to keep your career headed onward and upward.

  1. Quitting job without having another position lined up. Marketing yourself to employers, after having quit a job with nothing else lined up, can be very challenging. At the very least there will be suspicions. Are you the kind of person who can’t resolve problems? Will you jump ship when the going gets tough? Even if those aren’t accurate, the assumptions will cast a shadow over you.
    Solution: Tough it out. Don’t quit unless you have something else lined up.
  2. Getting laid off, then taking time off. Idle time is not the job-seekers friend. Companies will assume that you’ve been looking and have been turned down by other companies. Or, they might think you don’t need to work.
    Solution: Start looking for your next job the same day you get laid off.
  3. Having multiple short-term jobs on your resume. Companies don’t want to invest in someone they suspect may leave in a year.
    Solution: Don’t job hop. If you need variety, consider working as a contract employee.
  4. Refusing to relocate. If local demand for your skills has dried up, you will either be stuck in your job, or face long periods of underemployment.
    Solution: Structure your life so that you can relocate if needed. Or try to break into the very competitive telecommuting world.
  5. Topping out in your field. If you’ve worked your way up to a level such as Senior Director or Vice President, your options for advancement may be few.
    Solution: Plan for that eventuality and be ready to use your experience to start your own  company.
  6. Accepting a counteroffer. When you accept a counteroffer with a company, it’s usually a short-term fix…for the company. When they find a replacement for you, you’ll be shown the door.
    Solution: Once you’ve committed to another company, honor that commitment. If the counteroffer was sincere, they’ll welcome you back in the future.

Of course, there are exceptions, but the business world is not always fair, so be aware of these hurdles and avoid them when you can.