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7 Ways to Rise Above the Competition

To land the position you’ve been targeting, it’s important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Here are seven strategies to help you rise above the competition and maintain a positive image in the eyes of hiring managers:

  1. Be persistent without being a pest. Check back with companies to let them know that you’re still available and interested, but keep it a ‘light touch.’ Offer more information about yourself, but in general, don’t pressure them for feedback and timelines. If they don’t want to share that information, you won’t get a response.
  2. Show enthusiasm. Keep communication positive and upbeat. Some professionals play hard-to-get, thinking that will up their desirability. It doesn’t; it merely comes across as arrogant.
  3. Be proactive. Make your case. If you have letters of recommendation, share them.
  4. Be careful about connecting on social media. While many hiring managers appreciate the contact, some will see a LinkedIn connection request as presumptive. Tread carefully. When in doubt, let them initiate the connection.
  5. Be responsive and available. With cell phones, emails, and text messaging, every mode of communication today is instant. Delaying your response more than 24 hours may paint you as inattentive or disinterested.
  6. Check back after some time has passed. Even if it’s been a few months don’t shy away from reaching out again to the company. Sometimes positions get put on the back burner for a while. Alternately, their new hire may not be working out, or new opportunities may have opened up.
  7. Consider a contracting option. A contracting relationship can be very attractive to a company. It often shortens the interviewing process and gives you the opportunity to prove yourself on the job.