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Are You Replaceable?

In good times and bad, companies search for ways to improve operations and efficiency.

No one is above a cost-benefit analysis. When your area is examined, will you be seen as vitally important to the company, or replaceable?

To assure that you’re essential to your company’s future, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you contribute beyond your primary job duties?
  • Are you viewed as someone who is always striving to improve the company?
  • Do you help improve the workplace environment?
  • Do you get along well with coworkers and managers?
  • Do you have unique hard-to-replace skills or could you be easily replaced?
  • Could your duties be outsourced?
  • Are you always working to improve your skills and knowledge?
  • Are your contributions being noticed?

Make it your goal to be an All-Star that your company doesn’t want to lose. Show up every day looking for new ways to contribute. This attitude will not only ensure your job security, but will also open doors for you throughout your career.