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Assumptions Can Limit Career Options

Fear of rejection is universal, but often it’s an unfounded fear because it’s based on false assumptions.

For that reason, it’s important not to let the fear of rejection stand in the way of furthering your career.

Here’s what happens: One hears about an appealing opportunity but doubts that they would have any real chance at landing the position. They may assume that:

  • They don’t have enough, or too much, experience,
  • The company doesn’t allow remote employees,
  • There’s an internal candidate already slotted for the job,
  • Not having every skill listed in the job description will disqualify them from consideration,
  • Previously interviewing at the company and not getting the job means that they’ll get turned down again.

When these kinds of doubts and negativity start to trouble you, remember that you don’t know the company’s priorities, you don’t know what options they are considering, and you don’t know their decision-making process.

However, you do know one thing for certain: If the company doesn’t know you’re interested, you’ll never get hired.

Your odds of success are often a lot higher than you can imagine. Hiring managers are practical, and they know that even the best candidates are seldom – if ever – perfect.

The bottom line is that when you find a job opening at a company that interests you and you have relevant experience, toss your name in the hat.

Good things can happen!