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Bad reports on your prospective employer

“Oh, I wouldn’t work there! I’ve heard some bad things about that company.”

Family, friends and colleagues seldom hesitate to offer their opinions about prospective employers, and that’s a good thing because they’re trying to be helpful. However, in the final analysis, it’s not wise to rely solely on what they say.

We all have different tastes and views on matters like these. I suspect you’ve worked at companies where everything was fine for you, but nonetheless there were some employees who left in a huff.

You need to find out for yourself! There’s a lot to gain, and you really have nothing to lose but a little time.

For one thing, it’s sad but true that bad news travels far and has a long shelf life. If you get to the interviewing stage of the job search at a company where you’ve received some negative reports, bring those issues up in your discussions.

The management will be glad you were open about what you’ve heard. You may discover that in the past there have been some problems but they’ve been recognized and management made the necessary changes. Frankly, that’s the kind of company you may want to work for.

Further, you might sense that what you heard just came from a former employee who wasn’t a good fit. Just as we have different tastes in restaurants, cars, and housing, not everyone shares the same opinion about career options..

Don’t let what you hear from others limit your career options. Keep an open mind!