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Don’t Be a Mystery

Some people, when they feel like they’re under the microscope during a job interview, get hesitant about opening up and giving their possible-future-employer information about their background and what their motivations are.

Believe me, when the interviews are over, you don’t want anyone to feel that you’re still something of a mystery. If you do, you might get the “difficult” label – and difficult people don’t get offers.

Being less than open can have consequences. For example, if you don’t share information about your targeted compensation is, don’t be surprised if the company comes to you with an offer that’s less than what you wanted. If that happens, you’ll find yourself having an awkward conversation today that would have been prevented by a casual conversation several days earlier.

Be honest and open with your prospective employer:

  • Explain your interests, goals and motivations.
  • Share why you’re interested in the company.
  • Tell them why you’re interested in the position.
  • Discuss why you’re interested in the city if relocation is required.

The word “interview” comes from a French word that means “see each other.” That gets to the purpose of a job interview. Each side of a job interview is trying to see if the fit is right. Think of it like dating: the other party won’t get serious if you refuse to share your thoughts!