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Don’t send up red flags

There’s never a ‘sure thing’ when interviewing. This isn’t a lesson you want to learn the hard way.

A professional had received an offer letter after a series of phone interviews. Relocating was required so a final trip was made to the headquarters to see the company in person.

It was discovered that the department was in transition. There was a change in supervisors. Without realizing it the casual, wrap-it-up conversation, was, in fact, an additional screening interview.

There were common questions about standard working conditions and expectations, such as the start date, working hours and telecommuting options. However, the candidate asked a few too many questions. Hesitancy was sensed by the company. Too much hesitancy. This spooked the company and they rescinded the offer!

The lessons are:

  • The company is always evaluating you. They worry about making a hiring mistake.
  • Never treat additional interviews as a formality.

Remember, from a company’s perspective there’s no risk in not hiring you. Get concerns clarified early on. Start thinking ahead in the event the company extends an offer. It’s okay to express your questions and concerns but if you hesitate too much at the tail end of the recruitment process, red flags may go up in the minds of those responsible for bringing you on board. Companies hire people who are excited about their opportunities.