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Don’t Turn Down the Offer – Try This Instead…

You’ve received an offer for a position that seems very desirable. You’d like to work there, but there’s a problem…or two. Your first response may be disappointment, but don’t let your second response be to turn it down.

Declining an offer is closing the door, and you don’t want to do that until you’ve explored all the options. Instead of just saying no, call the company and explain, “I can’t accept the offer as it stands. Here’s why. Let’s see if we can work this out.”

Whether it is the pay, the benefits, or any details around the working arrangement, let the company know what the issues are, because once they understand, they may be able to make some adjustments that will turn things around for you. They might be able to boost your salary, increase your vacation days, allow some flex time or telecommuting, or help you out in other ways.

Many offers get adjusted so that companies can land their number one choice. Of course, there’s no guarantee anything will change, but you’ll never know unless you talk about it.