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Exit Interviews

One of the last interactions you’ll have with your employer may be an exit interview.

During an exit interview, it’s important to remain positive and professional. It’s not the time to complain, rehash past wrongs, or tell them how they should run their business. Networking today is more important than ever, and it’s quite possible that you’ll cross paths with former coworkers and supervisors in the future.

If the company really wanted your opinion, they would have asked you before you resigned. They are probably aware of the problems anyway.

Remember, your career and your life decisions are your responsibility. Your employer doesn’t own you – you worked with them, not for them – so don’t be nervous about resigning and don’t think that you need to justify why you’re leaving and what your future plans are.

If you can, simply decline the exit interview. If you go, talk about the goals you achieved, and your appreciation for the time you had there. Leave your former employer with a positive impression. They’ll be more likely to give you a good reference in the future.

Make it second nature to maintain a professional attitude in every career interaction; not only will it lead to a positive exit interview, but it will also greatly help your career in the long run.