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Interviewing Anxiety

If you get nervous before and during a job interview, you’re normal. Understanding why we get nervous helps us to deal with it constructively. Consider these points:

  • You’re visiting a new company.
  • You’re meeting new people.
  • You’ll encounter a new corporate culture and politics.
  • You’re likely to be asked unexpected questions.
  • The job description is an impossible list of skills.

On top of these, the clever interviewing team may try to make you feel uncomfortable just to see how you handle stress…as if the entire process wasn’t stressful enough. And, although you’re totally unfamiliar with the company, they may ask you why you want to work for them! You may be thinking, “You’re the one who reached out to me!”

Keys to reducing your anxiety

  • Change your mindset. Try to shift the direction of the interview. Determine if there is a mutual fit. It’s a two-way street. Don’t allow the interview to be a one-sided interrogation session.
  • Communicate your career goals and motivations. Elaborate during the interview process. Don’t keep secrets or play hard-to-get.
  • You’re simply looking for a better opportunity, especially if you’re currently employed. If you’re not the right fit, no problem, you still have a job.
  • Be very active in your job search. When you have other job options, the stress level goes way down.
  • Finally, the more interview experience you have, the less you stress.