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Is Working from Home Right for You?

Working from home, at least part-time, is likely to be more widely accepted in the future. It is a great option for many companies and employees. It saves on office space and other overhead costs, eliminates commutes, and gives workers more time with their families, among other benefits.

But, for professionals interested in advancing their careers, it can limit promotion opportunities:

  • Video calls and meetings take time to schedule and can reduce productivity. A quick exchange with a coworker or manager as you pass their desk is fast and probably more frequent.
  • Your absence in the office makes you invisible. As a “virtual” member of the team, you may lose the personal connection with coworkers.
  • Situations that come up often require a fast response. If you aren’t immediately available, you will be limited in your ability to make important contributions in crunch time.
  • On-site employees may have an advantage when pursuing promotions. It is best to be visible on a daily basis to the parties that decide who gets promoted.

There’s no doubt that the work environment has changed. Working remotely may be the perfect arrangement for you, but before you make a career decision about remote work, be sure you understand how it might affect your long-term goals.