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Jumping Through The Hoops Can Pay Off

You’ve been interviewing with a company. It’s been going well, but now they give you another time-consuming hoop to jump through, maybe a task or an assessment. What do you do?

Some professionals get fed up with the interviewing process and bow out.

It’s understandable. Your time is valuable and you’re tired of performing for a company you don’t even work for. Understand though that those who hang in there often get the job offer.

The interviewing process can be a hassle. It’s not an equal exchange of information. Companies often demand a lot of information without giving much in return. Ideally, it would be a mutual exchange but, it’s often more of a one-sided evaluation.

Remember, it’s their hiring process. You’re auditioning, so to achieve your goals, you’ll need to dance to their tune a little. They’re going to do whatever it takes to determine if you’re the best person for the job.

Maintain your flexibility and expect requests for additional information. There will be a bit of uncertainty. But if you hang in there, it often pays off.