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Keep your name off the B-list

Everyone who has played sports knows what it means to be assigned to the “B-team.”

What you may not know is that hiring managers have a “B-list” of candidates when they’re working to fill a position, and to let you in on a secret: B-list candidates almost never get hired.

Here’s one trait that will help keep your name off the B-list: Enthusiasm.

If you come off as aloof, hard-to-get, or simply “ho-hum” about the opportunity, you won’t make the A-list. Further, the level of your enthusiasm will be judged throughout the process, including how quickly you respond to messages.

You might have better skills than anyone else up for the job, but the wrong attitude will kill your chances. Skills and knowledge can be taught, but you can’t teach desire.

You may discover that the job you’re interviewing for is a little less exciting than you had hoped. That happens, but it’s still critical to maintain your enthusiasm and make a great impression, because even if the first position doesn’t work out, there are often “hidden opportunities” out there for you.

Not all jobs are posted, and quite often, hiring managers know that an important position will be opening up soon. Convey a positive attitude today that might increase your chances for a great career move tomorrow.

Always present your best self. You have nothing to lose, and potentially, a lot to gain.