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Laid off? Don’t let pride derail your future

One of the most distressing economic statistics from the last few years is the number of people suffering from long-term unemployment. It takes a huge toll on families, careers and self-confidence.

Having a gap in your resume doesn’t merely reflect a period of great difficulty, it can have a profound impact on your ability to regain career momentum when conditions in your industry improve.

For these reasons – and more – I always advise people that if your employer is experiencing cutbacks, and offers other options that keep you employed, such as a short-term contract, it’s smart to take them.

Eventually, you’ll be in a position to get your career path headed back in the direction you desire and you’ll need to impress some highly driven individuals, such as directors, VPs and CEOs. The men and women who make up these ranks of leadership sometimes can’t relate to someone declining an opportunity that keeps them employed.  Right or wrong – they may see it as a signal of low motivation.

No matter what situation you find yourself in life, you always want to be dealing from a position of strength. Positions of weakness must be avoided by all means possible. In today’s highly competitive career environment, being employed is a position of strength, and should be maintained when possible.

If there are layoffs at your company, and you’re offered a lifeline of continued employment, grab on to it.  It’s a compliment to the work you’ve done, and will make your future job searches easier.