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Leaving The Boss You Like

“It’s not personal. It’s just business.”

I’m sure you’ve heard those words before. They are important when it’s time to leave a boss you like to take a position that will advance your career.

Your boss may be more of a friend than a superior at your workplace. It’s a good thing to have a friendly relationship with your boss but set those personal feelings aside when it’s time to make career decisions.

For example, will you tell your boss when you start looking at new career options or when you have an offer that you’re considering? How would that impact your current working relationship if you fail to land a new position? For perspective, do you think your boss would feel obligated to inform you of their next career move?

In most cases, it’s best not to tell your current employer that you’re exploring new job opportunities. If you decide to inform them, have a moving box ready at your desk. It could be your last day on the job.

If the two of you truly are friends, your friendship should be able to survive a career move. If it can’t, then it was a business relationship, not a personal relationship. A friend will support a move that advances your career.

There will likely be a little sadness and sense of loss when you leave. That’s testimony to the fact that you’ve been a key contributor to the company and have developed good working relationships during your tenure there.

Don’t allow emotions to derail your ability to do what’s best for your career. Some opportunities don’t come around a second time.