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Be Open-Minded When Unemployed

Unemployed and choosy are not a good mix.

If you’re a professional looking for a new position, you need to weigh those two attributes very carefully as you consider prospects. Unlike fine red wines, your job skills and desirability don’t improve as they spend more time “on the shelf.”

A generous severance package can lull some professionals into a passive job search. Remember, the money and benefits will run out, as will your value in the job market.

If you stay out of the job market for too long, hiring managers and others will question your skills. And even worse – they will question your motivation. It’s a hurdle you’re best to avoid.

Some professionals delay their job search too long and end up having to take positions in unfamiliar industries, essentially starting their careers over from scratch.

Consider opportunities even if they don’t exactly match up with the ideal vision of your future. Keep an open mind and explore all of your options. As time passes, it’s much more likely that your options will narrow down rather than open up.

Remember, having a job that is less than ideal is far better than having to face the consequences of missed mortgage payments.