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Patience Can Pay Off

Let’s face it; we live in a time when life moves quickly. We eat fast food, receive express packages, and grab fistfuls of $20 bills from ATMs.

Patience is an endangered species.

However, we can’t carry this attitude of immediate satisfaction over to our job searches.

If you submit your resume to a company and it seems to you that you’re ideal for the position, it’s tempting to think they’ll be calling you at any moment. You’ll wait in eager anticipation.

The hiring process isn’t just about ‘the right fit,’ it’s also about timing. And, if your phone doesn’t ring right after you assume they’ve received your resume, don’t conclude that you’ve been rejected.

There are a variety of reasons the company’s timing may not be aligned with your expectations:

  • Much is happening behind the scenes. Managers are also navigating conflicting priorities, budgetary issues, internal politics, and more.
  • Companies are always dealing with turnover. They may launch a casual search today that becomes urgent a little further down the road.
  • Recruiting is more of a roller coaster ride than a drag race. Typically, many individuals are involved who can influence hiring. There are always unexpected twists and turns along the way.

Finally, while it’s impossible not to feel some disappointment if a new position doesn’t materialize on your timetable, don’t be discouraged. Sometimes ‘not interested’ is actually ‘not interested now.’ Circumstances within companies change, and your resume could suddenly be a top priority.

Many professionals have been pleasantly surprised to get offered an excellent position with a company months after they initially submitted their resume.

It can happen to you, too.