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Relax During Your Interview

Many people get very nervous about interviews, feeling the need to give a strong performance..  The reality is, while you’re probably very good at your job, you’re not a “performer”.  You’re a professional, not a professional interviewer.

If you have the right mindset before an interview, you’ll find it’s easier to relax.

  • If you’re currently employed, remember that you’re really interviewing to see if it would be a better opportunity.You’re exploring a career option. View the session as a meeting between two professionals to determine if there’s a match; to see if the relationship would be mutually beneficial.
  • If you’re not employed, much of the same advice applies, but also keep in mind that you will have other interviews. Be confident that you will find the right position. Today’s interview is an option that may or may not work out for you.
  • It’s okay to interview for a position that ultimately turns out not to be the right fit. Remember, companies usually hire just one person for the job.

To help maintain a positive and constructive attitude, always take something away from an interview, such as a new contact for your network, industry knowledge or even feedback about yourself.

Finally, remember that nothing is a waste of time. Life and careers are journeys of small steps and sometimes you have to take several of those small steps to see the direction your journey is headed