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Requirements Are Flexible

Requirements listed on job descriptions are often not requirements.

Job postings list desired/required skills and experience. Sometimes they’re wish lists. There’s often flexibility. So, if the company, product, location, and general outline of the position seem to be a fit, explore it!

Many professionals find that:

  • Companies that presumably don’t allow telecommuting or flexible hours will make exceptions…for the right person.
  • When job descriptions say five years of experience is required, and you have four, there’s a good chance you’ll get consideration.
  • Stated salary ranges are often surpassed for the right person.
  • Various skill “requirements” get waived for select candidates.

Remember, people are always coming and going at companies. Projects are changing and evolving. So, as the company is recruiting for a particular position, their needs may change.

Companies hire people they like. Even if you’re not an exact match for the written requirements, go ahead and interview – you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Prove your value and you’ll get hired!