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Think about tomorrow when signing a lease today

When you sign a lease, you need to consider your future and understand that a long-term lease can become an anchor on your career.

If you find yourself in that situation, don’t be afraid to ask your landlord if you can opt-out.  At worst, they’ll say no. But frankly, your landlord doesn’t care who is renting the space as long as someone is, so you could put these ideas on the table:

  • Propose a 90 day notice. That should give your landlord enough time to find a new tenant.
  • Ask for the option to sublet your space. This is especially attractive if you have someone in mind who could use the space. However, it puts the onus on you to find a tenant and ultimately, you’re still responsible for the lease or damage done to the property.

Keep these outs in mind whenever you’re negotiating a new lease as well.  The landlord might agree, especially if you commit to a higher or longer rent.

In the excitement of hunting for and moving into a new location – along with the anticipation of entering a new stage of your career – it’s easy to overlook some decisions that can have long-term implications.

Take a thoughtful approach when negotiating a new lease so you have better options if you need to make changes in the future.