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Do you feel like you’re underpaid?

You aren’t alone; it’s common. But understand, you’re earning exactly what your company thinks you’re worth.

If you suspect your employer is wrong, ask for a raise. That will clarify your standing and hopefully land you a salary increase.

It’s a good idea to keep tabs on the market to make sure your salary is competitive. If your earnings lag too far behind, prospective employers will suspect it’s due to under-performance.

If your request for a raise is declined, it may be time to explore new job options. Offers you receive will likely reflect the current market. Sometimes it’s a reality check when offers are similar to your current salary!

Finally, don’t set your expectations too high. A salary hike of 5-15 percent is average. There are exceptions, but careers tend to advance in increments, not in big steps.

It’s fine to shoot for the stars, but don’t damage your career by holding out for a pie-in-the-sky salary increase.