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Why Wasn’t I Chosen?

You didn’t get the job, and now you’re wondering why. Rejection is always difficult, but don’t take it personally.

Someone else may have been a better fit, more experienced, less experienced, lived closer, willing to travel more, more affordable, or even an internal hire. Regardless, don’t expect a lot of feedback from the company. They’ve made their decision and have moved on. However, in your parting communication, let them know that you’re still interested in working for them if another suitable position comes up.

Leave the disappointment behind, understand that all you can control is your interviewing performance. Focus on what you can do better next time:

  • Did you make a mistake or struggle with any interview questions? Self-evaluate. What can you do better next time? Prepare for the future interviews that are sure to come.
  • Were you the best fit? Be realistic. If you were hiring for the position, would you have seen yourself as the ideal choice? What additional skills and experiences can you gain that would have helped your chances?
  • Did you highlight your relevant experience that they didn’t ask about? Have a list of topics that you want to cover during future interviews.
  • Were you responsive and enthusiastic about the job and the company? Sometimes simply telling a company that you want the job is all it takes to get an offer.

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. You won’t get every job, but you can always make changes and improvements before your next interview.