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Your Interview Already Started

Have you applied for a job recently, hoping to get an interview?

Be aware that your interview has already started. You’re being evaluated the moment your resume is in their hands. So, let’s start by looking at your resume.

Does your resume answer basic questions?

  • Where do you live?
  • Is your contact information included?
  • What higher education do you have?
  • Where have you been employed? Who did you work for? When? What did you do?

Red flags that they look for.

  • Short tenures.
  • Long-term unemployment.
  • Unexplained gaps in employment.
  • Vague job descriptions.

It only takes seconds for a hiring professional to review your resume. If you don’t provide basic information and clarifications, that’s probably the end of the line for your application.

The virtual you

Every smart employer sizes up a candidate’s online presence. Your professional networking profile should be current and match your resume.

If there is anything on social media that might adversely affect your employment opportunities, fix it.

Your communication skills

  • Check the spelling and grammar on your resume and in all your communications.
  • Respond quickly to a company. Check for phone calls, text messages and email.
  • Have a professional voice message greeting.
  • Show interest and enthusiasm when communicating with people at the company. If you seem disinterested in them, they’ll lose interest in you.

Handle these basic aspects of your candidacy well, and you’ll likely land a formal interview.